How do we manufacture our products?

VidaViva Ecofood grows, transforms and markets fresh and dehydrated food products, certified organic, handmade and locally sourced. Dehydrated snacks, dehydrated fruits, seasoned olives and much more. All of them are natural, healthy, delicious and nutritious organic foods.

Production of raw materials

Our crop fields are located on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands), a World Biosphere Reserve known as La Isla Bonita for its beautiful and diverse landscapes, specifically, in the municipality of Tijarafe, at various altitudes ranging from 270 meters above sea level to 800 meters. This is an area with excellent conditions for agroecology.

After our plantations and crops were affected by the volcano that erupted in 2021, we hope that all the nutrient-laden ash, together with the island’s pure air, its incomparable mountain water and its wonderful light with many hours of sunshine, will contribute to improve the production and quality of our raw materials.

The fact that we are producers and processors allows us to let the fruits and vegetables ripen on the tree or in the plant, so that they reach an optimum degree of ripeness and increase their flavor, sweetness and texture. Currently, we have an area of 22,000 square meters of land, dedicated to the cultivation of 1,000 fruit trees of various species and olive trees, from which our organic food comes from.

At VidaViva Ecofood We harvest by hand, with joy and affection, and we are careful not to damage the product, which we transport in approved and recyclable boxes to the processing center, also located in the municipality of Tijarafe (near the fields) at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.

Product transformation and manufacturing

The entire transformation process is carried out in our small rural company, in an artisanal way and with great care to avoid damaging the environment. We use solar energy, organic farming and biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

It should be noted that this is a production process in which no chemical products are used and in which the elaboration of the product, from the collection of raw materials to the final packaging, is 100% handmade.

It is important to clarify that our company has the sanitary registration number 21.036195 and ecological certification.

Dehydrated products

In the case of our range of dehydrated organic foods, after harvesting, fresh fruits and vegetables are subjected to an infrared dehydration process that allows them to maintain almost all their nutritional properties, as well as their color and flavor.

At this stage, the fresh products are subjected to an artificial drying process in an infrared oven at controlled low temperatures, which causes them to lose their water content and reduce their size and weight, although they maintain their nutritional properties, as well as their color and flavor.

Finally, natural preservation is guaranteed under optimum humidity and temperature conditions that allow preservation for several months, in the case of dehydrated snacks, or several years, in the case of dehydrated fruits.

The result, our organic dehydrated foods, such as dehydrated snacks and infused fruits.

Dressed olives

In the case of our range of seasoned olives, after harvesting, which is done by hand, the fruits are subjected to a first quality control, in which they are carefully selected by hand, removing all those that are not considered suitable for having any defect. Then, they are preserved for about three months submerged in brine (60 grams of salt / 1 liter of water), until they lose their bitterness and reach the desired flavor for our recipes.

Finally, the olives are subjected to several rinses, all unfit olives are selected and removed, and all other ingredients are added according to the recipe, resulting in natural, healthy, delicious and nutritious olives. These are hand-packed in glass jars that are pasteurized.

Product packaging

Once the elaborations are finished, we carry out a selection and quality control of each of our products before packaging them for sale. To this end, and in line with our philosophy of commitment to environmental sustainability, we use biodegradable and recyclable packaging that respects the environment.

All VidaViva Ecofood organic products stand out for their organic certification, artisanal production and ease of consumption.

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