Herbal sea salt (150 g)

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Dehydrated herbal sea salt made from 100% organic vegetables and spices is a natural, healthy, delicious and nutritious product. It is ideal for salads, meats, among other dishes and is a natural source of energy.

VidaViva Ecofood’s dehydrated foods, such as herbal sea salt, are made from organic raw materials that come from own crops on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands). We produce them in an artisanal way and with the same care we take of the planet and its living beings.



Herbal sea salt is a healthy and natural alternative for flavoring and seasoning your meals. It is a mixture of authentic 100% natural sea salt, harvested in a traditional way in Las Salinas de Fuencaliente, a protected area of scientific interest, mixed with our delicious aromatic herbs and organic vegetables. A product suitable for vegans, gluten-free and lactose-free, handmade from different organic vegetables and spices produced in our gardens.

Thanks to our infrared dehydration process, the herbal salt maintains its nutritional values in almost the same proportions as its fresh preparation.

A convenient, different and healthy way to eat vegetables when they cannot be consumed fresh.

Additional information

Weight 0,16 kg

Ingredients and quantity

Vegan product. No sulfites or added sugars.

Gluten free. Lactose free.

Ingredients of herbal sea salt:

  • Fine salt
  • tomato
  • Leek
  • Basil
  • Onion
  • Bell pepper
  • Marjoram
  • Romero
  • Thyme

All ingredients are dehydrated.

Product quantities (net weight)

150 grams


Nutritional information

Average values per 100 grams of herbal sea salt:

Valor Energético: 0 Kcal / 209 KJ

Grasas: 1 g
– of which saturated 1 g

Hidratos de Carbono: 7 g
– de los cuales azúcares 0 g

Proteinas: 2 g

Fiber: 3 g

Salt: 82 g


VidaViva Ecofood herbal salt vegetables are made from organically grown vegetables from the island of La Palma (Canary Islands), World Biosphere Reserve, known as La Isla Bonita for its beautiful and diverse landscapes.

The fields are located specifically in the municipality of Tijarafe, at various altitudes ranging from 270 m above sea level to 800 m and in areas with excellent conditions for agroecology. After our plantations and crops were affected by the volcano that erupted in 2021, we hope that all the nutrient-laden ash, together with the island’s pure air, its incomparable mountain water and its wonderful light with many hours of sunshine, will contribute to improve the production and quality of our raw materials.

After harvesting, the vegetables and aromatic herbs are subjected to a process of dehydration by infrared rays that allows them to maintain almost all their nutritional properties, as well as their color and flavor. Once dehydrated, they are hand-packed in our processing center, resulting in a natural, healthy, delicious and nutritious product.

Properties and benefits

Properties of herbal sea salt:

VidaViva Ecofood’s dehydrated products, such as herbal salt, are super-nutritious. Our infrared dehydration process, by removing water at low temperature and in a controlled manner, prevents food from losing its nutrients and other properties.

Therefore, dehydrated vegetables retain their nutritional values in almost the same proportions as fresh vegetables, especially minerals and some vitamins. Perhaps, for this reason, this is one of the oldest methods of food preservation in existence.

Benefits of herbal sea salt:

The benefits of consuming dehydrated foods, such as VidaViva Ecofood’s herbal salt, are numerous:

FINE SALT: strengthens your immune system, helps soothe asthma, helps alkalinize your body, protects cardiovascular health, promotes digestion, fights depression and improves brain function.

DEHYDRATED TOMATO: rich in vitamins, source of fiber and proteins, source of potassium and calcium, provides iron, lowers blood pressure, prevents iron deficiency diseases and reduces cholesterol levels.

Leek:strengthens the immune system, natural antibiotic, low in calories, has diuretic properties, high fiber content, contains vitamins C, E and B6, and helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides .

BASIL: rich in calcium which helps to strengthen bones and teeth, it contains potassium which It regulates the water content of cells and their movement, moderates the nervous and muscular system, intervenes in the construction of proteins, provides vitamin B1 that helps repair digestive problems, strengthens the immune system, acts on vision problems and prevents memory loss.

ONION: contains flavonoids that improve circulation and prevent the formation of clots and atherosclerosis.

PEPPER: source of vitamin C, protects the eyesight, is very digestive, it is a good source of vitamins.Fiber avoids constipation, prevents colon cancer, helps to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels, natural antibiotic, analgesic effect, promotes digestion, activates blood circulation, stimulates the genito-urinary tract and improves male fertility.

MARJORAM: improves digestion, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, contains sedative and relaxing properties, antispasmodic effect, helps in respiratory disorders and improves hormonal regulation.

ROSEMARY: helps the digestive system, relieves muscle or joint pain, promotes liver health, promotes hair growth, brings vitality to the skin and helps to lose weight.

THYME: helps soothe upper respiratory tract problems, is an effective disinfectant, strengthens the immune system, is diuretic, helps regulate intestinal transit, soothes digestive pain and provides calcium and phosphorus.

All the products used are dehydrated.


The reasonable consumption of dehydrated vegetables, such as herbal sea salt, is an excellent alternative to conventional dressings, which usually contain many additives and a high caloric content with few associated nutrients.

VidaViva Ecofood’s dehydrated food products give you many options in the kitchen and in everyday life. The best thing is that they are always ready!

VidaViva Ecofood’s herbal sea salt has a wide variety of uses:

  • To give a more intense flavor to your meats, fish and vegetables.
  • To add to salads and other dishes.
  • To flavor your dishes.

Or for anything else you can think of!

A convenient, different and healthy way to eat vegetables.


Our herbal sea salt can last up to 4 years in good conditions, but it is important to preserve them properly, they should be kept in their original packaging or, better, put them in an airtight glass jar and store them in a cool, dark and dry place. It is important to verify that it has a good color, odor and flavor before consuming it if the best-before date has passed.